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Woman needs 150 stitches after West Town bar fight: Prosecutors

  • Blind justice
Blind justice
April 11, 2013|By Rachel Cromidas, @rachelcromidas | RedEye

After a West Town bar fight left one woman in need of more than 150 stitches, a Skokie woman was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated battery for use of a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm.

That weapon was a piece of glass from a mug that the woman, Vanessa Suarez, broke over the victim's head at Grand Bar at 1600 W. Grand Ave., according to state prosecutors.

Prosecutors said a dispute between the two women led to the assault on the evening of March 16 after the victim had a confrontation with Suarez's husband. Vanessa Suarez, 39, later walked up to the woman and smashed a glass mug into the victim's forehead, cutting her face, prosecutors said.

The assault took place on a Saturday evening, when Grand Bar typically plays host to house music DJs.

Suarez, whose right hand was wrapped with bandages and gauze when she appeared at the Cook County Courthouse on Thurday, is from the 9000 block of North Kenton Avenue in Skokie.

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