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Ex-Bull Scalabrine hooks up with 2 Gingers whiskey

April 05, 2013|By Adam Lukach, @lucheezy | RedEye

The White Mamba was mixing up white russians at the Kerryman on Thursday. Actually, it was the Big Ginger mixing up cocktails for 2 Gingers whiskey. Actually, well, never mind--point being, Brian Scalabrine is now sort of a spokesman for 2 Gingers whiskey, thanks to his luscious locks of red hair.

Thanks to his, uh, other nickname, "Big Ginger," Scalabrine was the perfect person to promote the whiskey, said spokeswoman Victoria Jukofski. One of the brand's custom cocktails is actually called the "Big Ginger."

In fact, the event went so well, Jukofski said the brand hopes to work with the White Mamba in the future. There's nothing confirmed right now, unfortunately, but we approve.

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