Feel guilty? Corey Crawford? Nope.

March 10, 2013|By Brian Hedger | For RedEye

It's a whole different kind of shame for goalies who get penalized in hockey. Even when they commit a penalty, somebody else gets sent to the box while he stays on the ice to face a power play. To get the goalie's take on the "sin bin," RedEye caught up with the Blackhawks' Corey Crawford.

Have you ever been put in the penalty box?

Corey Crawford: I started as a forward and then I was a [defenseman] before I became a goalie. So, yeah, I've been in the box.

Do you feel guilty about another player serving your penalty?

Crawford: [Laughs.] No.


Crawford: [Launches into impression of fictional French-speaking goalie Denis Lemieux from the movie "Slapshot") "Do I … feel dee shame, two minute? No. No shame.

Have you ever been in an NHL penalty box?

Crawford: Uh … no.

Are you even a little curious about what it's like to sit in there, waiting to be let out?

Crawford: Not really, no. I wish I had a better answer for you, man, but … no.

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