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How to deal with the aftermath of a crime scene

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February 22, 2013|By Melanie Zanona | For RedEye

>> Determine whether the trauma scene needs to be professionally cleaned or if it can be done on your own. (If you decide to hire a professional, talk to your insurance company and research cleaning services.)
>> Make sure the police are done collecting evidence before touching a crime scene. A police department supervisor will usually notify the property owner and take down all tape and barriers when they are finished.
>> Wear proper protective gear. If you are dealing with blood, rubber gloves will be necessary, but if you are dealing with chemicals or waste, a mask and long-sleeved clothing will be necessary.
>> Throw out any items that cannot be salvaged, which typically includes bed sheets, clothing, drapes, carpets and mattresses.
>> Buy disinfectant spray or bleach and follow the instructions. Clean surfaces and crevices thoroughly. Floorboards may need to be ripped up and replaced.

Melanie Zanona is a RedEye special contributor.

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