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Some trains bypassing CTA Addison stop

  • Addison Red Line
Addison Red Line
February 22, 2013|By Tracy Swartz, @tracyswartz | RedEye

Stop, Cubs stop.

Wrigleyville riders will not be able to use the CTA Addison stop for part of next week as a 15-day project to replace rail ties on tracks there continues. The project began last week, the CTA said.

From 10 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. each weekday, southbound Red Line trains are operating on what is normally the northbound Red Line tracks, while northbound Red Line trains are running on a separate track and are unable to stop at Addison.

Northbound riders who want to exit at Addison need to travel to Sheridan and transfer to a southbound Red Line train, the CTA said.

Riders at Addison who wish to travel northbound will need to take a southbound train to Belmont and transfer to a northbound Red Line train.

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