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Death comes to town in "Malaria"

Malaria from Edson Oda on Vimeo.

February 22, 2013|Elliott Serrano, for Redeye

Every once in a while, you come across a storyteller that really knows how to dazzle you. Last night my fellow geek journo Marc Bernardin shared a link this this video on Twitter with the following description: "I don't know what to call this short film, other than it's a multimedia curio that'll knock your socks off."

He was absolutely right! It's not a animated feature in a traditional sense, and it's not a graphic novel in the technical sense. It IS incredibly clever and compelling.

The filmmaker Edson Oda explains the film and its origin: "MALARIA tells the story of Fabiano, a young Mercenary who is hired to kill Death. This short film combines Origami, Kirigami, Time lapse, nankin illustration, Comic Books and Western Cinema.

My first intention was to submit this project to Django Unchained Emerging Artist Contest. However due to time and crew limitations I submitted the short film "The Writer" to this competition.

(You can watch "The Writer" here

6 months later we finally finished Malaria. We hope you enjoy it!"

I sure did Edson!

What did you think, readers?

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