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Metropolitan Brewing searches for new location

Chicago brewery hopes to triple production this year

  • Metropolitan hopes to triple or quadruple current output in 2013.
Metropolitan hopes to triple or quadruple current output in 2013. (Andrew Volk/Metropolitan )
February 21, 2013|By Kate Bernot, @redeyeeatdrink | RedEye

Though Metropolitan Brewing owners Doug and Tracy Hurst have been looking to expand their brewery's capacity for a while, their first public proclamation came Wednesday, via a short and succinct Tweet: "Oh, just spent time today scouting locations for our new brewery. You know, nbd."

Oh, but it is a big deal. The Chicago-based brewery, established in 2008, is one of the few that concentrates on lagers instead of ales, brewing popular beers like Krankshaft Kolsch and Dynamo Copper Lager. And in 2013, Metropolitan wants the city to drink a lot more of them.

"We're going to triple our output in the initial stages, and work up to quadrupling," said Tracy Hurst. That will require upgrades to equipment, infrastructure and the purchase of larger fermenters.

The current Ravenswood location just can't accommodate the expansion, though Hurst says it's been a great space for the past few years.

Hurst has long maintained that Metropolitan Brewing will not open a pub or tavern, but will remain a production brewery with Chicago as its home.

"Our vision was always to be a Chicago brewery," Hurst said. "We'll never change that." | @kbernot

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