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Ravens put a ring on it

And RedEye tracked every minute through fans' eyes ... and words

  • Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens holds up the Vince Lombardi Trophy following the team's 34-31 win over San Francisco.
Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens holds up the Vince Lombardi Trophy following… (Jamie Squire/ Getty Images )
February 03, 2013|@redeyesportschi

So it's a bummer that the Bears weren't in the Super Bowl. Again. But there still were fans in Chicago with plenty at stake.

RedEye sent Jack Silverstein (@readjack) to Ravens haven Fizz Chicago and Ryan Smith (@ryansmithwriter) to 49ers stronghold Cheesie's. They captured the supreme joy and bitter agony of Super Bowl Sunday from each perspective. Here are the highlights, in reverse chronological order.


12:52: The Ravens extend their lead with a field goal.

@readjack Red Socks Girl watching thru her fingers. Frothy Ed Reed leading cheers at the bar. Bad nervous.

9:57: Colin Kaepernick sprints in for a 15-yard Niners TD. But the Ravens still hold a 2-point lead.

@readjack It's getting tense over here... RT @jonmhapp Gotta love @readjack 's live tweeting of his SB experience at the bar.

@RyanSmithWriter Just when I thought it couldn't get louder at @CheesiesChicago. amazing.

@readjack Ravens fans getting the jitters. “Shut the [bleep] up Phil Simms!” shouts guy not crazy about farming.

@RyanSmithWriter The “[bleep] the Ravens” chant has started at @CheesiesChicago

‏@readjack Hearing some “M-V-P!” chants here at Fizz for Anquan Boldin. 6 catches, 104 yards, 1 TD... and counting...

4:19. Another Ravens FG. The Niners need a TD, or it’s Baltimore’s party.

@readjack Red Socks Girl not looking nearly as comfortable. She's clapping, but only has one or two claps in her before she goes back to prayer hands.

@RyanSmithWriter First and goal! Emotions running wild at @CheesiesChicago from Lucas Sullivan of Logan Square.

@readjack Horrible shrieks at Fizz, like children finding a body in their basement. Ye gods man, when will it end!

1:46: Niners fail on 4th and goal. Will that do it?

@RyanSmithWriter Despondence! It got quiet again @CheesiesChicago from shocked Niners fans

@readjack Fizz exploding in celebration! Dieter held his hands in the air in glorious disbelief while Frothy Ed Reed hugged everyone in the bar.

The Niners’ last-ditch effort on a punt return is thwarted.

FINAL SCORE: Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31

@RyanSmithWriter Lots of hugs and tears right now among Niners fans. I should let then mourn in peace. I'm out!

@readjack And it's over! Red Socks Girl grinning from ear to ear. All I Do Is Win now playing.


14:49: Jones runs back the second-half kickoff 109 yards for a TD. Niners are in DEEP trouble now.

@RyanSmithWriter A “Lets go Niners” chant at Cheesies turns into groans as the Ravens run one back.

@readjack Big cheers at Fizz as play resumes. “DE-FENCE! clap-clap” 13:22 to go in the 3rd quarter... lots of football left...

7:20: Michael Crabtree hauls in a TD pass for the Niners.

@RyanSmithWriter The mood just got 200 percent better at @CheesiesChicago with that TD.

5:05: Frank Gore rushes in for a 6-yard Niners TD. Epic comeback coming?

@readjack: Ravens fan: “What did I tell you man? What did I tell you!” He pauses. “We're fine. It's fine.”

4:10: Niners recover a Ravens fumble.

@RyanSmithWriter [Bleep] just got real at @CheesiesChicago with the last TD. This place exploded.

@readjack Air just zapped from Fizz with that fumble. Red Socks girl has her hands over her mouth.

3:10: Niners kick a field goal. They’ve scored 17 straight points.

@readjack Ravens fan: “Whatever. The momentum is still... ya know, we got it.” #redeyesb

@RyanSmithWriter Suddenly, the David Akers shirt is way more popular at @CheesiesChicago

SCORE: Baltimore 28, San Francisco 23


13:22: Phil Simms is cut off midsentence. That’s because the lights are out at the Superdome, leading to a 35-minute delay.

@readjack These lights could use some deer antler spray.

@RyanSmithWriter Not even an extended power outage can stop the conga player at @cheesieschicago

@readjack Big cheers at Fizz as play resumes. “DE-FENCE! clap-clap” 13:22 to go in the 3rd quarter... lots of football left...


It’s all about Beyonce … until Destiny’s Child shows up!

@readjack Kelly & Michelle reminded that Beyonce didn't like it enough to put a ring on it. #destinyschild

@RyanSmithWriter It's safe to say that Beyonce is moving better than the Niners secondary.

@readjack Girl just walked over to me. "So, are you a 49ers fan?" she said delicately.

@readjack "No. I'm a Bears fan." "Oh I see." She looked suspicious. "I notice you have red socks, that's why I'm asking." Damn, they're serious.

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