Whizzer: Hawks will soar in '13

  • Brent Seabrook and the Blackhawks hope to fare better than last year's fourth-place finish in the Central Division.
Brent Seabrook and the Blackhawks hope to fare better than last year's… (Jose M. Osorio/Chicago…)
January 13, 2013|By Whizzer | RedEye

Normally this is where I'd be licking my wounds from a rough weekend picking the NFL playoffs. (I nailed Sunday's games but whiffed on Saturday's, if you're keeping track.) But there's no time for that, not with the Blackhawks schedule having been released this weekend. Here's how this season will go for Coach Q and the boys.

Jan. 19 at Los Angeles: L

Jan. 20 at Phoenix: L

Jan. 22 vs. St. Louis: W

Jan. 24: at Dallas: W

Jan. 26 at Columbus: W

Jan. 27 vs. Detroit: L

Jan 30 at Minnesota: W

Feb. 1 at Vancouver: W

Feb. 2 at Calgary: W

Feb. 5 at San Jose: L

Feb. 7 at Phoenix: L

Feb. 10 at Nashville: W

Feb. 12 vs. Anaheim: W

Feb. 15 vs. San Jose: W

Feb. 17 vs. Los Angeles: W

Feb. 19 vs. Vancouver: W

Feb. 22 vs. San Jose: W

Feb. 24 vs. Columbus: W

Feb. 25 vs. Edmonton: L

Feb. 28 at St. Louis: L

March 1 vs. Columbus: W

March 3 at Detroit: W

March 5 vs. Minnesota: L

March 6 vs. Colorado: W

March 8 at Colorado: L

March 10 vs. Edmonton: L

March 14 at Columbus: W

March 16 at Dallas: W

March 18 at Colorado: L

March 20 at Anaheim: W

March 25 vs. Los Angeles: W

March 26 vs. Calgary: W

March 29 vs. Anaheim: W

March 31 at Detroit: L

April 1 vs. Nashville: W

April 4 vs. St. Louis: W

April 6 at Nashville: W

April 7 vs. Nashville: W

April 9 at Minnesota: L

April 12 vs. Detroit: W

April 14 at St. Louis: L

April 15 vs. Dallas: W

April 19 vs. Nashville: W

April 20 vs. Phoenix: W

April 22 at Vancouver: W

April 24 at Edmonton: L

April 26 vs. Calgary: W

April 27 at St. Louis: L

Overall: 32-9-7

By the time this regular season is over, even the fans will be aching. Luckily for Hawks die-hards, it will be mostly from so many high-fives in such a short period. The Hawks will finish second to St. Louis in the Central Division and earn the No. 4 seed in the playoffs, and I'll be back with those predictions in a few short months.

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