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10 concussions and still riding

Luke Snyder has seen his share of pain as a pro rodeo athlete

  • Professional bull rider Luke Snyder has suffered a litany of injuries in his 13-year career.
Professional bull rider Luke Snyder has suffered a litany of injuries in… (Andy Watson )
January 10, 2013|By Matt Lindner | For RedEye

In 13 years of riding bulls for a living, Luke Snyder has seen more than his share of hospital rooms.

"You do this sport long enough, you're gonna take your licks," said Snyder, who has suffered 10 concussions and needed 50 stitches in his career.

So why would anyone want to do a job where serious injury is virtually inevitable?

"It's the same reason why anybody does an extreme sport," Snyder said. "If it was really easy, everyone would do it."

We'll take his word for it. Here's are the "licks" he's taken as a pro, not including the arm he broke in practice when he was 13:

2003: Reconstructed nose in Vernal, Utah, after taking a horn to the face.

2004: Torn ACL in Phoenix after dismounting wrong.

2005: Broken left leg in Seattle, suffered in the bucking chute when the bull kicked up.

2007: Broken C-7 bone in neck from landing on his head in Edmonton, Alberta.

2008: Broken right hand in Tamsworth, Australia, after being stepped on.

2010: Broken eye socket and nose suffered in Sydney, Australia.

Matt Lindner is a RedEye special contributor.

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