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Dating site: Chicago's perfect man is rich, well-read

January 10, 2013|By Mick Swasko, @mickswasko | RedEye

Chicago’s female population has spoken: The perfect Chicago man is well-educated with money to burn.

Dating website, which late last year revealed what Chicago men consider to be the perfect woman, has turned the tables. Based on a survey of 4,000 Chicago women, the site says the most important thing women look for in the perfect man is education, with 27 percent of women saying a graduate degree is the most important factor for landing a first date. Closely following is income, with 25 percent indicating an income of $150,000 to $200,000 is a desirable quality that leads to a first date.

“Our study indicates that women look past profile pictures and also value certain intangibles when choosing a first date—success, intelligence, and social habits,” Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of the site, said in a press release.

The rest of the qualities of the perfect Chicago man take looks and vices into account. The importance of the factors as they relate to the likelihood of a first date are as follows:

3. Drinking (17 Percent): Social drinker

4. Eye color (12 Percent): Blue eyes

5. Body type (10 Percent): Athletic

6. Hair color (6 Percent): Brown Hair

7. Smoking (3 Percent): Non-smoker allows users to buy and sell first dates, allowing “generous members” the opportunity to date “attractive” members who might not get a chance on other dating websites.

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