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Come See Me Read at Hop Leaf's Tuesday Funk

December 03, 2012|Stephen Markley

You should come to the Hop Leaf tonight in Andersonville where I'll be reading from "The Great Dysmorphia" and drinking heavy beers. 

This is part of the Tuesday Funk reading series, which I've participated in before, and which I can assure you is a great time. Tonight's other readers include Julia Borcherts, Andrew Riley, Jodi Eichelberger, and Maggie Kast. Hosted by the inimitable Bill Shunn and Sarah Ross Witt, Tuesday Funk always features great, eclectic readings; plus, like I said before, Hopleaf has a lot of beers. 

So, you know, come hang out, and it'll be a good time. I'll read weird stuff, you'll buy me a drink, we'll make small talk with my friend, Pete, who I'm pretty sure will be there.

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