Love it or snub it?

  • Could Chicago's rising rents explain its absence from some 'best of' lists?
Could Chicago's rising rents explain its absence from some 'best… (Andrew A. Nelles for Chicago…)
November 25, 2012|By Leonor Vivanco, @lvivanco for RedEye

Welcome to Snub City. Check out the lists that Chicago didn't make or ranked low.

Best Cities for Men in 2012 (Men's Health, Dec. 2011)

1.Burlington, Vt.

2.Madison, Wis.

3.Plano, Texas

*71. Chicago. Ok, so we don't exercise as much as we should.

Healthiest Cities for Women (Women's Health, Jan. 2012)

1.Raleigh, N.C.

2.San Jose, Calif.

3.Madison, Wis.

*72. Chicago. Maybe we need to start sweating these lists.

Best Cities to Rent (Forbes, June 2012)

1.Tucson, Ariz.

2.Jacksonville, Fla.

3.Kansas City, Mo.

*Chicago doesn't make top 10 list. Could it be that the demand for apartments is driving up rent here?

Best Places for Business and Career (Forbes, June 2012)

1.Provo, Utah

2.Raleigh, N.C.

3.Fort Collins, Colo.

*132. Chicago. Why so low? We have major companies headquartered here.

Happiest Cities for Young Professionals (, Sept. 2012)


2.San Jose, Calif.

3.Sunnyvale, Calif.

*Chicago didn't make the top 20 list. Looks like it's hard to compete with California.

Best Beer Cities in America (GQ, Oct. 2012)




*Chicago didn't make the list. No Chicago bars were among the 10 Bars for Beer Lovers. Double ouch!

America's Best Cities (, Sept. 2012)

1.San Francisco


3.Washington, D.C.

*28. Chicago. The city should be closer to the top.

America's coolest cities (Forbes, July 2012)


2.Washington, D.C.

3. L.A.

*12. Chicago. Serious, what does Houston have that we don't? Just because Texas is bigger doesn't mean it's better.

America's Manliest Cities (Sperling's Best Places/Combos, June 2012)

1.Oklahoma City, Okla.

2.Columbia, S.C.

3.Memphis, Tenn.

*37. Chicago. Puhlease. Two words: Da Coach.

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