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Bears Trivia Challenge, Vol. 10: The solution

November 22, 2012

We put our Twitter followers to the test before every Bears game. At stake: a chance to join our Four Score panel. Here are this week’s question and answer.


Name a quarterback who’s led the Bears to a win on Thanksgiving Day.


Any of these answers would have made you a winner this week: Carl Brumbaugh, Sid Luckman, Johnny Lujack, Rudy Bukich, Bob Avellini, Vince Evans or Jim Harbaugh.

Three people tweeted us with a correct response: Walter Brzeski (@bearstradamus), Kyle Backman (@kylebackman10) and TJ Chilly (@streetscoop), so they will join the next Four Score panel with their Bears predictions. We can’t wait to crown as many as four more winners next week; the next question will be unveiled Friday!

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