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Company: Working with Elaine Place statues owner to return them to 'rightful place'

November 14, 2012|By Jim Walsh @jxwalsh | RedEye

Residents of Elaine Place in Boystown received notice Tuesday from Chicago Apartment Finders regarding the removal of the iconic giraffes and goat sculptures on their street earlier this week.

Here is a transcription of part of the notice that an Elaine Place resident sent to RedEye.

"During the last few days concern was expressed over the removal of the Kearney Statues. We are aware and sensitive to the concern of local neighborhood groups. CAF tried to have the statues conveyed at closing, but the previous owner elected to have them removed. The statues are currently being restored and Chicago Apartment Finders is working with the statue owner to have them returned to their rightful place."

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