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Dating site reveals Chicago's 'perfect' woman

  • People walk down the street. - (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
People walk down the street. - (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
October 30, 2012|By Adam Lukach, @lucheezy | RedEye

How much dough are Chicago men willing to cough up for their “perfect” woman? Apparently quite a bit.

Recently,, the world’s largest dating-auction website, surveyed 5,000 males in Chicago trying to find out what defines their “perfect woman.” Using four categories, hair color, eye color, vice and education, the site asked the men to estimate how much they would spend on a woman with their ideal qualities in each category. By comparing different dollar amounts, the site determined the most popular perfect qualities.

The final amount for a first date with a perfect woman? $240.44.

Apparently, Chicago men prefer blondes (+$142.67), which took the hair category over brown hair. The preferred eye color was green (+$38.20), beating out its similar counterparts blue and hazel. The vices used were drinking and smoking, and the site found an affinity for social drinkers (+$16.41) and non-smokers (+$15.77), rather than casual drinkers or smokers. Non-drinking, casual smokers were found least desirable.

When it came to education, there were some high standards as well, with the preference being that women hold a master’s degree (+$27.39) over a bachelor’s, which was second.

“A blonde with green eyes is a very rare combination, so it is no surprise that men are willing to invest in this opportunity for a first date,” Brandon Wade, the site’s CEO and founder, said in a press release. “Combine these qualities with a sociable vice [drinking] and a respectable education [Master’s Degree], and you have a very attractive woman.”

Public relations manager Leroy Velasquez said the site plans to release a similar survey for women in the Chicago area. Until then, throw on a blonde wig and some green contacts, ladies, and let these gents drop a dime on you.

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