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CTA adds heat to hot day

October 25, 2012|By Tracy Swartz, @tracyswartz | RedEye

The heat is on at some CTA stations--which would be welcome news on many October days, except this one.

The CTA is supposed to turn the heat lamps on at its elevated stations next week, but Going Public has noticed some stations have had heat this month.

This morning, the heat lamps were on at the Fullerton stop on the Red, Brown and Purple Lines. The weather topped 70 degrees this morning as part of a warm spell this week.

Heat lamps are supposed to stay on from Nov. 1 through March 31.

The CTA said crews have been prepping the lamps and performing testing and maintenance the last several weeks.

"Since crews must go to each station individually to activate the heat lamps, some may be turned on several days prior to Nov. 1 to ensure all are on and working by that date," CTA spokeswoman Lambrini Lukidis told GP.

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