10 annoying things musicians do

October 25, 2012|Adam Lukach, Ernest Wilkins and Matt Pais | RedEye Sound Board

Musicians are a big part of what we do. However, some of them engage in downright annoying behaviors. Here's a list of ten things musicians do that bug us.

  • Encores: There's no suspense. Want to take a break and get some water? Have at it while you're on stage! No one cares. Just play more or don't.
  • Interludes on records: These are almost never funny or useful.
  • Intros and outros: See above.
  • Generating applause by saying the name of the city they're in: "CHICAGOOOOOOOOO!" "CHI-TOWWWN!"... yes? We're aware of where we are. Next time, maybe try to say something specific about the city?
  • Doing remix albums of their own material: With a few exceptions, this is a desparate cash grab and just a way to kill time.
  • Going on stage hours late: This should never happen. Ever.
  • Asking weird audience questions at shows: This occurs more at rap shows than anywhere else. The artists and/or DJs want us to make some noise if we have money in our pocket, or if we've got that "good sex" or some other ridiculous thing to ask a large room of people. If you want us to get hyped, just keep the hits coming.
  • Doing/saying something stupid on social media, then deleting it and claiming you were "hacked": Yeah, hacked by STUPDITY.
  • Being lifeless on stage: So we dropped $43.50 and $7 a beer to watch you not do anything up there? Show a little effort, please. (Unless you play shoegaze, then it's kind of expected.)
  • Acting big-time: You've played 10 shows total, but your attitude is that of Bruce Springsteen. Oh wait, Bruce Springsteen doesn't act like a prima donna douchebag. Whether they be sound guys or publicists, be nice to people whose job it is to help you look awesome.

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