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Shane Taylor rolls with punches of 'Strike Back'


October 13, 2012|By Curt Wagner, @ShowPatrol | RedEye

I think Phil is a perfect choice. How he conducts himself outside of the Stonebridge character. Even though Stonebridge has gone through a bunch of stuff this season, I think just the way he is. He’s a real gent. He's just perfect, and the way they riff off each other is obviously the juice of show, and they do it really well. For me, given the choice, of course I would like to have always had a bit more to do with Hanson, but I mean the particular role was very interesting. I found a foothold very quick on it. I enjoyed myself thoroughly doing that role and knowing that I was going to have these moments with the boys especially.

Did you take any special pleasure though, in being able to whoop on Phil a little bit?
[Laughs.] Of course, coming back and you could see in the face, “Steal Stonebridge off me?” No, I think it just worked at the end in the best possible way. Even if there was a chance for this character to come back, I think, it wouldn't be for me. I think this particular role was definitely a hit-it-and-quit-it character. I like that. For me, that's where I'm at. I like the intensity of doing something that's going to kind of come in, do something, and then that's it, and get out.

It's really one of my favorite shows because of all the layers. It could just be an action-adventure thing, but they look into more about how the job affects the people, about the areas where they work.
I agree with what you're saying. It's about Stonebridge and Scott and that relationship, and the way they play off each other, and the complexity within that. But then I quite like the way they show Section 20 as a unit. Michelle, for instance, that's kind of fleshing out. I'm glad to see that they've been getting out in the field actually and doing a little bit of that. I would hope that the next season would allow Richmond and certainly Liam, or Baxter, they flesh out those two a little more, and whatever happens to Rhona. It will be nice to see a bit more going on there.

I think everyone involved has a huge respect for the real soldiers. Did you find that?
Absolutely. They’re surrounded by those people, and some of the stories that you hear. It's crazy. It's incredible what they put themselves through. ... The scenarios that are set up [for the show] obviously are based in certain truths. Some of them, as you know, are kind of exaggerated situations. But the way that they would actually go about dealing with it is very much as the Special Forces people would deal with it. They're very, very meticulous about that and rightly so. I think that they really work hard to get that down.

When I was out there people on the range, I would be talking to the guys there. They had all served, some of them in Special Forces. They said, “We'd take Phil with us within a unit. He's that good doing what he's doing now.” And I can believe it. You can just see it. That's how meticulous they both are. They all are, Michelle as well. Michelle is brilliant at getting everything right.

You have other stuff coming up you want to talk about?
I think maybe I have to knock back on HBO's door. They've been pretty good to me over the years. Just before “Strike Back” I was supposed to be doing this ... psychological horror film ... called “This Little Piggy.” ... It's a pretty small film. I mean it's a real sort of indie encounter. It's going to be shot in Darby, which is kind of northwest England. ... Corinna Faith is the director. The producers are actually from the producers of “Hunger,” a Michael Fassbender film. ... We're on standby. That last piece is often the hardest, and you never know. It's about working out schedules from then on, and we'll see what happens.

Other than that, Curt, I'm just behind the mic. I do a lot of voiceover stuff for animation and Playstation and Nintendo. That's my bread and butter stuff. I enjoy that a lot. You can just roll out of bed and do it.

You don't get hit in the face?
[Laughs.] You don't get hit in the face. You really can sit in comfort. [Laughs.]

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