Mayor Emanuel makes cameo on 'Chicago Fire'

October 11, 2012|By Leonor Vivanco, @lvivanco | RedEye

Did you catch the "Chicago Fire" premiere?

If you watched last night, you probably recognized a familiar face: Mayor Rahm Emanuel made a cameo as himself in the pilot episode.

On the show, his SUV shows up to the scene of a fire. Emanuel gets out of the car and walks up to the firefighters with his security detail and aides trailing behind and shakes the hand of the battalion chief. It wasn't a speaking role but his brief appearance showed his in-charge persona.

The Tribune reported that a donation was to be made to the firefighters retirees', widows' and children's assistance fund in return for Emanuel's cameo.

During a visit to the Tribune's editorial board hours before the show aired, the mayor was asked what's better: "Boss" or "Chicago Fire," both of which are filmed in Chicago.

"Depends what your perspective is going in. I will say this, as I said to (firefighter union president) Tom Ryan when I saw 'Chicago Fire,' this is going to make the fire labor contracts miserable," Emanuel said.

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