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Bears Trivia Challenge, Vol. 4: The solution

October 04, 2012

Thanks to all who entered Volume 4 of RedEye’s Bears Trivia Challenge! Here’s the question again, followed by the answer:

Question: What’s the total length of field goals made by the Bears in the 2010 and 2011 seasons in nautical miles?

Answer: We’ll spare you the details of all Robbie Gould’s field goals the past two seasons. Just know that the combined length in 2010 was 2,892 feet, and in 2011 it was 3,750 feet, or 6,642 feet total. Divide that by 6,076.12 (the number of feet in a nautical mile), and you get 1.09 nautical miles.

Congratulations to Thomas Howland (@TheRealBigTom44), the only one to post the correct answer on Twitter. He also is our first repeat winner, and he’ll appear in the next Four Score, on Oct. 22.

We’ll pose Volume 5 of our Challenge, both in print and at, before the next Bears game—which represents your next chance to win! Follow and tweet @redeyesportschi for details.

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