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Anne Hathaway's wedding was princess-tastic

Well, she always has had a thing for fairy tales ...

  • Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway (Getty Images File )
October 02, 2012|By Kate Bernot, @kbernot | RedEye

Anne Hathaway in a white gown ... have we seen this before? When details finally surfaced of the bride's dreamy weekend wedding in Big Sur, Calif., they gave us one big case of deja vu. Call it the princess complex—from "Ella Enchanted" to "Alice in Wonderland" to "The Princess Diaries" (one and two, ahem), Anne's got a thing for playing fairy tales. A look at her nuptials shows she's just one castle short of a storybook.

Cinderella gown

Holy tulle! Anne's custom-made Valentino dress was a beauty, with lots of delicate vintage touches. The real magic here is how she walked without tripping over all its layers. Seriously, Anne, teach us your ways.

Secret garden

British Vogue reports that the wedding had a "natural" feel courtesy of wooden branches and $100,000 worth of flowers. Hold up—$100K on flowers alone? Bet the bouquet was really worth catching.

Friend to the animals

Fairy tale maidens always strike up a friendship with woodland pals, and Anne's no exception. Her reception menu was all vegan, which must have been a bummer for those guests holding out for a filet.

Prince charming

Husband Adam Shulman is an actor-slash-jewelry designer—sigh, so Hollywood—who designed the ring he used to propose to Hathaway. Anne describes him as "more mellow" than previous boyfriends. Well, you know what they say: You have to kiss some frogs ...

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