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Bears Trivia Challenge, Vol. 3: The solution

September 27, 2012

Thanks to all who entered Volume 3 of RedEye’s Bears Trivia Challenge! Here’s the question again, followed by the answer:

Question: How many Toyota Priuses would you have to stack on a scale to tip the weight, if the entire Bears active roster were on the other side?

Answer: According to Toyota, the curb weight of a Prius is 3,042 pounds. And adding up the weight of the Bears’ 53-man active roster (not including the practice squad or anyone on injured reserve), you get 13,120 pounds. Divide that number by 3,042 and you get 4.31. But seeing as we’re not chopping cars in pieces here, you’ll need 5 whole Priuses to tip the scale.

Congratulations to Kyle Backman (@KyleBackman10), who was chosen randomly from our pool of those who submitted correct answers. He’ll appear Friday in the next Four Score.

We’ll pose Volume 4 of our Challenge, both in print and at, on Friday—which represents your next chance to win! Follow and tweet @redeyesportschi for details.

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