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Bears, Packers, Seahawks react to Monday night's crazy football game

September 25, 2012|By Jack Silverstein | For RedEye

Monday Night Football had a controversial finale this week with a game-ending call some are deeming "the worst ever." Was it a Seattle touchdown or wasn't it (watch it above)? Depends on who you ask (or whose tweets you follow).


Lance Briggs, linebacker, @55berger - Ok..what a I the only one laughing at shields getting pushed as he is about to jump. Slow mo is so funny to me.

Anthony Walters, safety, @anthony_walters - ESPN just got 30 mins of programming off of that play

Brandon Hardin, safety, @_b_hard - So Top 10 or Not Top 10? #intertouchdown

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver, @bmarshall - The regular referees are definitely cheering.#Leverage #Bam

Eric Weems, special teams, @ericweems - Tate Pushed the shit out of Sam Sheilds#WTF

Gabe Carimi, offensive tackle, @gabecarimi - Man what a crazy ending!! Congrats Wisconsin boys! @DangeRussWilson@Moffitt74

Tim Jennings, cornerback, @hennorjenn26 - You got to be kidding me black n white!!!!

Stephen Paea, defensive tackle, @paeabear92 - Crazy Monday Night Football.


Alex Green, running back, @agreen_20 - Guess we kno the real meaning of 12th man, welp headed back to's still#packernation

C.J. Wilson, defensive end, @cjwilson95 - Can't believe this.. Never seen anything like it.

Dezman Moses, linebacker, @dezmanm - I'm staying off twitter for the night for my own good. Thanks again for all the support.#gopackgo

Jermichael Finley, tight end, @jermichaelf88 - Come on @NFL this shit is getting out of Control. Caused us a DAMN game. Horrible!

Marshall Newhouse, offensive tackle, @mnewhouse74 - No comprendo. :(

Tom Crabtree, tight end, @tcrabtree83 - 13th man beat us tonight.

T.J. Lang, offensive guard, @tjlang70 - Got f**ked by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl


Bobby Wagner, linebacker, @bwagz54 - LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!! That's a good win!!!

Chris Maragos, safety, @chrismaragos - #12thman that was crazy! Best game ive ever played in period! On to the next! #Seahawks

Clint Gresham, longsnapper, @gresh49 - By far the CRAZIEST football moment of my life!! 12thman was so loud!! Haven't heard it that loud since beastquake! #Seahawks#MNFinsanity

Leon Washington, kick returner, @leon_washington - Big Win #12thMan Thanks 4 never giving Up. Finish Finish Finish.

Pete Carroll, head coach, @petecarroll - WOW!!! What a game!! Love our guys for battling all the way to the end and never giving up! #Seahawks

Jeron Johnson, safety, @showoff_32 - Good W way to fight til the end!! #12thMany'all were big once again!! Short week gotta get ready for Sunday!!

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