The Never-Ending, Totally Unwinnable Debate About Guns

July 24, 2012|Stephen Markley

I write this column basically every two years.

The only difference is that this time, I had perhaps my silliest RedEye column ever (that’s saying something) slated for the issue where the cover memorialized the twelve peopled killed (not to mention 71 shot) in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Incongruous topics aside, I really have nothing new to say or contribute to a stale debate in a country that has basically lost its mind when it comes to the possession and regulation of firearms. The last time I wrote with anything approaching ferocity on this topic, I received comments and e-mails that, while not death threats per se, certainly made me glad I was in Germany at the time where they have sane restrictions on who gets to have assault rifles (basically no one).

(Strangely, that original column is no longer available, but the follow-up, which is also about the film "Predators" is)

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