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For same-sex marriage


  • STAND UP Co-Founder Anthony Navarro delivers a speech at the Townhall Meeting launch of STAND UP, Business Professionals for Marriage Equality on Tuesday, July 24.
STAND UP Co-Founder Anthony Navarro delivers a speech at the Townhall Meeting… (Stephen Garrett )
July 24, 2012|Amanda Boleman | For RedEye

When President Obama made history as the first American president to publicly support gay marriage May 9, founder and senior planner at Liven It Up events Anthony Navarro of Lakeview knew he needed to create a platform for his wedding industry peers to share their acceptance and belief in marriage equality as professionals attached so directly to the debate.

"We are the ones making weddings happen all the time," Navarro said. "People in the wedding industry need, or should, be the ones who proclaim, 'Hey! The president supports this, we should too!' "

Wasting no time, Navarro invited 100 wedding professionals May 24 to create a video of them stating "I Stand" as part of STAND UP, his newly created organization for people in all professions to show their support for marriage equality through open dialogue, positive perspectives and viral video projects for increased awareness.

From there, Navarro reached out to marketing professional and the owner of Loft on Lake, Cher Garrett, to partner with him on the project and build a brand that launched Tuesday at Loft on Lake (1366 W. Lake Street).

"I want to create an online platform where business owners and professionals can say they stand for equality," Navarro said. "When you see our logo and symbol, it's a reminder that it's all about equality. We are all equal and we all deserve the same rights no matter what." 

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