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River North sushi spree

Hope you're hungry, sushi fans! This tour covers some of downtown's best

  • Sushi at Roka Akor
Sushi at Roka Akor (Lenny Gilmore/RedEye )
July 24, 2012|By RedEye staff

Hope you’re hungry, sushi fans! This quest starts near the Grand stop on the Red Line and ends at River North’s northwest corner.

Start your fish-fueled adventure at sleek but casual sushi bar Oysy (50 E. Grand Ave. 312-670-6750), where you can whet your appetite with nigiri ranging from sea urchin to sweet shrimp to fatty tuna. (Hint: The name is pronounced “Oh-EE-she,” which means “delicious” in Japanese.)

For a taste of what Roka Akor Steak & Sushi (456 N. Clark St. 312-477-7652) has to offer, indulge in the chef’s selection of sashimi with a glass of sake on the side. If you’re craving something cooked, try the robata-grilled steaks, which arrive at the table pre-sliced so you can eat them with chopsticks.

Sunda (110 W. Illinois St. 312-644-0500) excels in contemporary spins on sushi, such as spicy tuna atop rectangles of soy sauce-glazed crispy rice.

At Sushi Naniwa (607 N. Wells St. 312-255-8555), a sibling to Bob San in Wicker Park, order a seaweed-wrapped hand roll.

By the time you arrive at Ai (358 W. Ontario St. 312-335-9888), hopefully you’ll still have enough room for a sashimi flight showcasing different cuts of tobiko-topped fish.

End the evening at Japonais (600 W. Chicago Ave. 312-822-9600), where you can soak up nighttime views of the Chicago River and sip orchid-garnished cocktails along with Asian-inspired desserts such as yuzu-almond creme brulee.  

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