Knee-jerk reactions: Penn State sanctions

July 23, 2012|RedEye

When news breaks, the RedEye sports staff has its opinions—serious and not-so-serious. Here are their thoughts on the Penn State sanctions.

Julie DiCaro


I honestly cannot recall this amount of concern over "student- athletes" and a negative impact on other schools when anyone else got sanctioned. (cough, USC, cough).

Jimmy Greenfield


I barely stomach college football but I'm watching Penn State play next season. Every minute they can't compete will be a joy knowing—for them—that's how they'll feel punishment.

Ernest Wilkins


I was going to just write "BOB-BY BOW-DEN clapclapclapclapclap," but this is a serious matter. Was the punishment deserved? HELL yes. You can argue the reasoning for the NCAA's decision (CYA all day), but it's more than just.

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