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Chicago tweets 'The Newsroom'

Local reporters share their reactions to HBO's new show

June 25, 2012|Harry Huggins | RedEye

Last night was the premier of HBO's "the Newsroom," created by Aaron Sorkin of "The West Wing" and "The Social Network." With a lot of hype (and just as much criticism) leading up to the pilot, Chicago journalists took to Twitter to voice their humble opinions of the show's depiction of a newsroom.

"Sure, Sorkin got it right. That is how a #Newsroom worked in 2010. Today, producers sit around and ask 'what are people on twitter saying?'" -Steve Chochran

"I also think the last 5 minutes of #Newsroom was less Sorkin and more Nicholas Sparks" -Steve Chochran

"The Newsroom melodramatic but fun. And fictional in that a TV station would break that much news on day one. #newsroom #hbo" -Bryan Gruley

" this is pretty much a redo, 21st Century version of 'Sports Night,' right? #Newsroom" -Jessica Galliart

"Watching 'The Newsroom' and thinking it's amazing how prescient journalists can be about the news of two years ago." -Phil Rosenthal

"Watching HBO's new show The Newsroom. This is just like the Comcast SportsNet newsroom except for everything." -Chuck Garfien

"'Worst. Generation. Ever.' #TheNewsRoom" -Elliott Serrano

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