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MTV's 'FriendZone' looking for unrequited love


June 12, 2012|By Curt Wagner | RedEye

The person you know is perfect for you keeps hooking up with complete losers, and you're always there to pick up the pieces after the breakup. Are you tired of being "just friends?" MTV's "FriendZone!" could help.

MTV, 495 Productions, and Doron Ofir Casting are looking for unrequited love in the Great Lakes states for the show's third season. They currently are excepting applications for potential cast members prior to conducting open call auditions and club events in and around Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and Ann Arbor.

This is your chance to tell your crush you're sick of being buddies, and you're ready to prove that you're meant to be more than just friends.

The next open call in Chicago is from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday, June 15, at Durkins, 810 W. Diversey Parkway.

If you're at least 18, appear younger than 25 and have a friend you're totally crushing on you should fill out the application at You can also email

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