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What's your favorite Jon Hamm role?

Now a leading man, he is a jack of all trades

May 10, 2012|By Dana Moran | RedEye

It may be hard to believe, but Jon Hamm has never actually played the lead character in a movie. That's all about to change -- announced Thursday that he's slated to star as a phenom sports agent in "Million Dollar Arm." (Misleading title: this is not a combination of "Million Dollar Baby" and "Moneyball".) While we look forward to spending even more screen time with a giant Hamm head, we broke down our favorite supporting Hamm roles -- and a certain leading adman -- in pie chart form. | @redeyedana

25 percent--Sleazeball

Role: Ted, "Bridesmaids"

Great line: "Boom! What's up, [bleep]buddy?"

15 percent--Doctor

Dr. Drew Baird, Liz Lemon's "30 Rock" boyfriend

Great line: "OK, I feel like I should do the right thing here and tell you that your breast has fallen out of your blouse and I can see all of it."

3 percent--FBI agent

Adam Frawley, "The Town"

Great line: "This is the not [bleeping] around crew, so get me something that looks like a print, because this not [bleeping] around thing is about to go both ways.

45 percent--Ad man

Don Draper, "Mad Men"

Great line: "What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons."

12 percent--Spokesman

Jon Hamm's John Ham, "SNL"

Great line: "And remember the "Jon Hamm's John Ham" motto-- if it feels like a slice of ham, don't wipe your [bleep] with it."

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