'Girls' Scorecard: Yes, women do tend to panic over their vaginas

RedEye recaps this week's episode, rates its plot accuracy

  • Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet in "Girls."
Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham and Zosia Mamet in "Girls." (HBO )
April 15, 2012|By Dana Moran, Jessica Galliart | RedEye

This week’s episode is titled “Vagina Panic.” Because what girl over the age of 13 hasn’t experienced a panic of the vagina at some point? Score one for “Girls,” already.

Play along as we recap the latest episode of “Girls,” which included lots of uncomfortable T&A and scenes from the gyno office.

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weird fantasies

Weird sex fantasies
The episode opens to Hannah and Adam having some good ol’ graphic sex, where Adam spouts off a fantasy of how they met: "You had your Cabbage Patch lunchbox"...
7—Meh, this doesn't usually happen with guys you're not actually dating, but... 9 for "I almost came." Yup. -DM
9—I actually find that dudes are even weirder in bed when you’re not really dating them. They haven’t a care in the world about freaking you out—because they don’t really intend to interact with you in six months. Also, such sadface on the reality of that last part. -JG

Manifestation board

Manifestation board
Shoshanna puts together her “manifestation board” of the things she longs for in life while Jessa smokes a joint out the window.
1—No. We are not Oprah. -DM
1—Who’s Oprah? -JG


"We always use condoms."/"Do we?"
Before heading off to accompany Jessa during her abortion, she and Adam have a weird exchange about unintended pregnancy and condoms.
5—Again, depends on the guy. But this one is a DOG, so this kind of behavior is to be expected. -DM
8—Run girl, run! I’d be wiling to bet Adam at one point used the “But I can’t feel anything uuughhh” line on Hannah. And that she unfortunately fell for it. -JG


Desperate Googling
Hannah sits on her bed, fresh from a shower in her towel, while searching phrases like “Diseases that come from no condom for one second” and “stuff that gets up around the sides of condoms."
10—This is what Google was made for, right? Especially while towel-clad and straight out of the shower. -DM
10—The best part is when you come to realize you weren’t the first to Google such things. Love those search predictions. -JG


The girlfriend who is suddenly enlightened by a book about relationships/men
Shoshanna shares some wisdom from a book she recently picked up.
4—Meh, more likely to be Google. This sounds like the plot of "He's Just Not That Into You," which, speaking of, Ginnifer Goodwin's character deserves to have her head squished in that movie. -DM
6--That had to be a knock at that horrible movie, right? Right? Dana’s right, but that doesn’t mean that twentysomething women still aren’t swallowed whole for a month after reading a nonsensical book about relationships. Or watching a Vh1 reality show about how to snag a man. -JG


"If I wanted to go on some dates I would, but I don't. They're for lesbians."
Jessa is kind of pissed about said wisdom Shoshanna shared.
7—Dating sucks. It just does. If there were a magical button that you could push and the perfect person who you're already comfortable with could pop up next to you, you know you'd totally push it. -DM
4—I’m not exactly clear on how dates are for lesbians, but dating is quite the sucky series of means to a climactic end. -JG


The tasteless joke in a job interview that ruins everything
Right as her interview seems to be going well, Hannah cracks a joke insinuating her interviewer was a date rapist at Syracuse.
6—Hmm, strange things happen, but not this bad. And as a Syracuse grad, I will say that after reading a Rolling Stone article about Dartmouth earlier this week, SU is NOT that bad. -DM
6—Hasn’t happened to me during an interview, but, almost without fail, I’m prone to making sexual cracks my first week on the job that result in serious redface. -JG

Sense of time

No real sense of time—“These things never start on time.”
Jessa stops at a bar on the way to her doctor’s appointment to get a drink.
10—As someone who's super-anal about being punctual, I never do these things, but everyone else and their mother does. I'm definitely the Shoshanna of this show. Oh god, "Sex and the City"-like comparisons have begun. -DM
10—Being late to your own abortion because you’re busy getting your White Russian on is one thing. But being 10-plus minutes late to a get-together because you’re sure you’re not missing anything? Yes. -JG

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