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RuPaul's Drag Race Episode 10: "Bitch Ball"

April 10, 2012|By Georgia Garvey, RedEye

Name me one TV show besides "RuPaul's Drag Race," squirrelfriends, in which a visiting celebrity is moved to tears by the elimination of a contestant.



"Project Runway"?

I doubt it.

Not even a show like"American Idol"can hold a candle to"Drag Race,"the best reality show on television. It's Emmy time, folks.

For it was thus this week as we waved goodbye to our Queen Latrice Royale. I'm in mourning, but I knew this was coming last week after Even Lil'er Kim, Kenya Michaels, was sent home for the second time.

There is no fat left to cut. We are only left with meat.

But let us return, hearts heavy, to our duties. Latrice would have wanted it that way.

When we first see the queens, they have some fun at Kenya's expense and Phi Phi O'Hara reads Kenya's lipstick goodbye note in a relatively awesome impression of her accent.

As Nina Flowers might say, "Bye, loca!"

The ladies also do a quick recap of the last challenge:

Phi Phi = cruise

Sharon Needles = no cruise

Latrice = setting up residence in the bottom two

Chad Michaels = never lip sync-ed for her life

Soon, RuPaul saves them with SheMail, hinting that the challenge coming up will have something to do with dogs.

But first, the mini-challenge! A bitch fest! With puppets?


"Everyone loves puppets," Sharon says a bit hesitantly.

The drag-testants have to stick their arms into a black hole and pick out an "Avenue Q"-ish puppet that looks like another one of the queens. They then have to "drag" it out and deliver a putdown with puppets.

I'm realizing that this challenge is really hard to explain.

Again, I wonder if any other TV show has had a challenge in which the competitors had to insult each other with hand puppets. Not sure which life skill is being tested here? Puppet styling? Ventriloquism?

Anyway, it's surprisingly funny and Lady Miss Pimp Chad Michaels takes first prize with an orange, snaggle-toothed Phi Phi puppet. Congrats, diva.

For the main challenge, the girls compete in a "bitch ball" with three different looks: daytime dog park realness, pooch in a purse party girl and canine couture.

For their inspiration, they're assigned different dogs by mini-challenge-winner Chad.

There are some hard feelings on Phi Phi's part when she gets assigned the bloodhound and the other ladies get cute Pomeranians (Latrice), poodles (Sharon) and a Chinese crested (Chad).

"I definitely got the worst dog," Phi Phi says. "Who wants to fashion their clothes after a bloodhound?"

Then it's time for some more passive-aggressiveness as Phi Phi pretends like she's not mad at Chad for assigning the dog to her. 

Ru soon visits to give the chickens a "pup talk." Latrice back-story ensues, which is never a good sign. Ru also needs to do gently redirect Chad, who's planning a "Little House on the Prairie" look, and Phi Phi, who envisions a poodle-skirt-and-bloodhound combo.

Walking out the door, Ru throws another wrench into the mix, ordering Chad to organize a group musical-style song and dance lip-sync. No one is happy with that, and rehearsal doesn't go well.

Latrice is impatient, Phi Phi is negative and bossy, Sharon tries to kill Phi Phi with her eyes and Chad is too nice. Not a recipe for success.

As the queens get dragged up for the runway, Sharon fortune-tells her own exit this episode. My knees begin to shake with fear. No, Needles! No!

When we hit the mainstage, pleather-and-Rasta Ru is joined by Rose McGowan and Wynonna Judd. We suffer through a seemingly interminable musical number that features terrible costumes and a worse song.

Finally, it's over and the top four show us their Bitch Ball looks.


Latrice goes a little intense for daytime and wears a blue sequin skirt. But otherwise, cute.

Phi Phi brings something that can only be described as a channeling of Kenya Michaels' Barbie-and-Lil-Kim look.

Sharon is more mainstream than we've ever seen her: blond, cute and not pale as shit.

Chad is adorbs! So pretty! And that "Little House on the Prairie" influence is sweet, not dorky as feared.


I feel as if we've seen Latrice in something so similar to this gold sequin halter and tighty-whitey miniskirt.

Phi Phi goes neon-vibrant in a red wig, which she describes as what Rihanna would look like if she had a dog. Who says Rihanna doesn't have a dog?

Sharon delivers rock-star "heroin chic hungover party girl realness" to a T, SCRAM bracelet and all.

Chad offers up what Kim Kardashian wishes she saw in the mirror every morning.


Latrice falls a bit flat with a floor-length burnt umber dress with fake fur ruffs.

Phi Phi's precious and puffy, but a bit busy in a brown swimsuit-type thing with an overskirt.

Sharon brings Fierce with a capital "F." Puffy platinum-blond wig, froofy furry boots and a black sequin dress. So amazeballs.

Chad explains her look thusly: Cruella Deville if she were on vacation in Aspen. I'm sorry, people, I cannot do better than that.

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