Logan Square bar crawl: Milwaukee Avenue

Make this Logan Square strip your destination for a boozy night out

April 04, 2012|By RedEye staff

Logan Square’s diagonal thoroughfare carves out the perfect path for a night of bar-hopping. This itinerary starts near the California stop on the Blue Line and heads northwest before doubling back to make the most of two bars with late-night licenses.

1) Start your night with a couple of cheap beers at Cole’s Bar (2338 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-276-5802), where you might be lucky enough to catch a band rocking out in the back room.

2) Right at the Fullerton/Milwaukee split, Helen’s Two-Way Lounge (2928 W. Fullerton Ave. 773-227-5676), named for dual entrances on each street, is just right for your next round.

3) Next, hit up The Rocking Horse (2535 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-486-0011) to put some food in your stomach in the form of wings, a tater tot platter or a huge burger.

4) Once you’ve refueled, double back and belly up to the extra-long bar at The Owl (2521 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-235-5300) for one of 20 beers on tap.

5) Up for one more stop? It’s a short walk down to Bonny’s (2417 N. Milwaukee Ave.), which keeps the music (and mini-dance floor) going late.

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