4 ways Ventura can win over Sox fans

April 02, 2012|By Chris Sosa | RedEye

Welcome back to Chicago, Robin Ventura.

That muffled voice in the distance you hear? That's just Ozzie Guillen. Don't worry, he's in Miami and can't cause you any real trouble.

It's your first season as White Sox manager, and the bad news is it's difficult replacing the only guy who's helmed a World Series champion in Chicago since horses outnumbered cars. The good news is when the Sox traded the Fastest Mouth in the Midwest to the Marlins, they shipped out most of the expectations with him.

It's tough to expect greatness from a team that drastically underperformed last season and let its ace go in free agency. That in itself should help you sleep better. Though if that doesn't work, these guidelines should help too:

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. I'm not saying you should ask Paul Konerko to bunt. But a double steal every so often? Or experimenting with the bullpen? Knock yourself out.

Whatever you're doing with Adam Dunn, keep doing it. Five home runs, 14 RBIs and a .255 average through 20 spring training games? Where do we sign up for this kind of production? Or, if that's really you in the No. 32 jersey, maintain your cover at all costs.

Keep your children off Twitter. This goes double if they end up as Sox employees someday. Nothing. But. Trouble.

Embrace the Nolan Ryan incident and milk it for all it's worth. Even fans who don't know you won five Gold Gloves have heard about your infamous mound dust-up with the legendary pitcher, and how he pummeled you.

So let everyone know it doesn't bother you. Turn the tables and do a commercial where you go charging at average Joes and Janes—a ball boy, a barista, your kids' baby-sitter—and they put you in a headlock. Fans will be too busy laughing with you to get upset when one of your outfielders misplays a fly ball. And it's going to happen. A lot.

That should get you through your first season with minimal second-guessing. Now, get out there and lower ticket prices.


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