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Video/Q&A: 'American Reunion' stars Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott

(Mike Rich / RedEye )
April 02, 2012|Matt Pais | RedEye movie critic

“I was like, ‘Guys, my penis!,’” says Jason Biggs. “I need my penis in the movie!”

That’s how the “American Reunion” star said he reacted when he feared that a full-frontal idea wouldn't make it into the movie, opening April 6. Not only did the actor get his wish, but that’s about all the introduction you need to a ridiculous, raunchy interview with Biggs, 33, and Seann William Scott, 35, who sat down at the Peninsula Hotel to talk about reprising Jim and Stifler for a sequel that's much, much funnier than “American Pie 2” and “American Wedding.” And maybe the original. (Disclaimer: The following interview and above video features explicit language.)

Were you guys able to go out in Chicago last night after introducing the movie?
Jason Biggs: I haven’t gone to sleep yet.
Seann William Scott: I had some hookers to my room.
JB: Dude, I didn’t realize: You can get some really good, pure cocaine here.
SWS: Colombian.
JB: It’s pretty impressive.

Why would you think you couldn’t?
JB: I don’t know. We were here one night, I thought it might be difficult. But I guess our driver—
SWS: Yeah, he’s pretty great.
JB: —knows where to get the money [bleep]. No, I unfortunately did not. We did this screening last night, we were going to just intro the film. The truth was we left but didn’t leave. We kind of hung off on the side. We just wanted to kind of see the opening scene for a second and gauge people’s reaction. It was so good, and we were so jazzed by people’s reactions that we stayed. We probably stayed for half the film, taking in the energy and seeing where people reacted.
SWS: Dude, I’m so glad because we were on the side, and I was just listening to the laughter. The night before we had the premiere and it was awesome, but it was all industry people. It was a great response at the premiere but this was like real people. Except for you; you’re not real. You’re still in the business kind of as a writer.

Yeah, I’m kind of torn.
JB: You’re an android, right?
SWS: [Laughs.] He’s an avatar.
JB: You’re an avatar?

You guys aren’t?
JB: I’m an avatar. Dude, you think I could be in Chicago—I’m doing press right now in Indiana as well.
SWS: In Bangladesh, too.
JB: I’m in Europe, Bangladesh. I’m doing the Bangladeshi premiere tonight. I’ve got a few avatars that are out in the world just peddling, peddling this film.

All the Jason Biggs work hard.
JB: They all work very hard. They all work very hard. I’m sorry but this is not the original. The original right now is getting a BJ in a brothel in Amsterdam.

It’s nice that you know what’s happening to the others.
JB: I’m fully aware of where the home source Jason Biggs—
SWS: The prostitute, what’s his name?
JB: His name? Hold on, let me check in with the main Jason source. [Pauses to contact the other one.]
SWS: Johann?
JB: Right now Jason is with Sven.
SWS: Sven’s blowing you?
JB: Jason’s blowing Sven.
SWS: No way!
JB: Yep!
SWS: Dude, hey. (High-fives Biggs.)

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