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Q&A: Gotye is suddenly someone that everybody knows

April 02, 2012|By Lindsay Eanet | RedEye special contributor

A lot of the early instances that preceded your rise in Australia — your neighbor giving you his wife’s record collection, play on local radio — seem ingrained in the music community in Melbourne.
I don’t really feel like I’ve ever been part of sort of Melbourne scene. There are plenty of musicians around Melbourne who I’ve played with, my other band, The Basics and related bands. There have been lots of Melbourne bands that I’ve seen over the years and who have inspired me in different ways. But in terms of my own music making, I think I’ve always been a little bit off the map, just kind of doing my own thing.

You have a post on your blog about having kept all the CDs bands have given you at festivals and through the mail over the years, and listening to nearly 200 CDs. What’s it like sifting through that much music at once?
Sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I think it might be nice to take a bit of a break, a vow of musical silence. Don’t listen to any music, don’t make any music, try not to even think about it, and then see what happens when I come back to it.

For someone touring as much as you are, what advice do you have for the frequent international traveler? 
Don’t forget your toothbrush. Try not to sleep too much. It’s more interesting if you get out there. I’ve been sleeping too much.

Lindsay Eanet is a RedEye special contributor.

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