Hire me! Meet eligible employee Zachary Markin

((Lenny Gilmore / RedEye) )
March 30, 2012

College grads have been among the hardest hit in this Great Recession economy. RedEye is here to even the odds with weekly profiles of the eligible unemployed in Chicago. Hiring managers, take note! 

Zachary Markin

Age: 26

Neighborhood: Bucktown

Email: zmarkin@gmail.com

Twitter: @zmarkinz

Industry: Supply chain logistics

Dream Job: Traveling consultant (à la George Clooney in “Up in the Air”—minus the infidelity and heartache)

What’s your top tip for living cheaply in Chicago? Drink black coffee (no soy lattes), buy produce at Stanley’s instead of Whole Foods, and find an excuse to complain to Comcast until they give you free premium channels.

Tell us about your most bizarre Chicago experience. Watched police arrest a man at Wicker Park after he had been “putting himself out there” to all the unfortunate sunbathers.

Craziest interview so far? Interviewing for a not-for-profit in D.C., I was asked, “If I were a drink, would I be Tea, Water, or OJ?” I answered water because of my versatility. Still waiting for that call-back...

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