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Album review: Yukon Blonde, 'Tiger Talk'

March 15, 2012|By Matt Pais | RedEye Sound Board

*** (out of four)
(Dine Alone Records)
Release date: March 20

Need to know: Despite evoking a heavily American, ‘70s pop-rock sensibility, Yukon Blonde hails from Vancouver. Less surprisingly, native Canadian/”How I Met Your Mother” character Robin Scherbatsky is a fan.
Need to appreciate: The effortlessly sunny vibe that permeates throughout, from jangly opener “My Girl” to the sweet harmonies of “Oregon Shores” to “For LA,” which resembles Surfer Blood with less edge.
FYI: The breeziness of the band’s 2010 self-titled debut has focused into something more concise, with melodies sticking stronger than the words. Regardless, this is still easily addictive, highly recommended road trip music.
Random trivia: “Tiger Talk” appropriately features two songs with that animal in the title: “Breathing Tigers” and “Six Dead Tigers.”
Highlights: “Stairway,” “Breathing Tigers”
In concert: March 27 at Beat Kitchen with Library Voices

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