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Pop culture bracket busters

See who won our most ridiculous celeb of the week

March 15, 2012|By Dana Moran | RedEye

We're so busy pulling our hair out over March Madness, we almost forgot about our famous friends! Actually, sorry Snooki, we could never forget about you. In the spirit of all things brackets, we decided to face off our favorite train wrecks from this week to see who will emerge victorious. Who's going to hear "One Shining Moment"? Check it out. | @redeyedana




Told Ryan Seacrest that Chris Brown was "the only person that really made sense" to do a guest verse on "Birthday Cake."

Vs. Lindsay Lohan

Allegedly got in a hit-and-run outside a Hollywood club.

WINNER: Rihanna. What, other dudes don't miss having sex with you?


Jennifer Lopez

The U.K.'s Daily Mail discovered that the stunt-double for her new music video is a dude.

Vs. Courtney Love

Said "The Muppets' " use of Kurt Cobain's music "raped" his memory.

WINNER: Jennifer Lopez. We've learned to tune Courtney out by now.


Russell Brand

New Orleans has issued a warrant for his arrest after he smashed a window with a stolen iPhone.

Jessica Simpson

Waaaay overshared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show about how waaaay horny she is.

WINNER: Russell Brand. Steve Jobs would not be impressed by your antics, sir.


Vinny Guadagnino

The "Jersey Shore" dude says he wants to turn the show's smush room into Snooki's baby room.


Jokingly (we think? Maybe?) puts the moves on a GQ reporter.

WINNER: Vinny. That baby might be the worst thing to happen to that "Shore" house.


Rihanna vs. Jennifer Lopez

Winner: Jennifer Lopez. Seriously, Google these photos. They're pretty much the best thing ever.

Russell Brand vs. Vinny Guadagnino

Winner: Russell. Think he's having any regrets over breaking up with Katy Perry?


Jennifer Lopez vs. Russell Brand

Winner: Jennifer. In a bout of fun-crazy vs. serious-crazy, we've gotta go with a dude stuffing his top. Congrats, JLo! Don't spend all your winnings on your underage boyfriend!

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