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A Sox response to 'What if' Cubs commercial

March 08, 2012|By Mick Swasko, RedEye

Set to a heart-wrenching piano score like the one in the "What if the Cubs won it" commercial Playstation released this week, a new spoof from one Chicago network reminds sports fans that the Sox really did get the championship treatment in 2005.

In a video posted as a counterpoint to Playstation 3's "MLB 12: The Show" TV spot – which features a hypothetical Cubs World Series victory sweeping Chicago – CSN took its own spin. Instead of trumpeting the video game's tagline "So real, it's unreal," the cable sports network hits back with "So real, it actually happened."

The spot features footage of the victory parade, the champagne soaked locker room and the final strikeout that signaled the World Series win. Then-manager Ozzie Guillen even gets some airtime.

The video concludes with Chuck Garfien, CSN's pre-game and post-game commentator, quipping "Wow, that really happened," as he holds a remote. He then queues the video up for another watch. | @mickswasko

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