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Halle Berry's 'Dark Tide' premieres on VOD 1st


  • Halle Berry plays a shark expert in "Dark Tide," premiering March 8 through Video On Demand.
Halle Berry plays a shark expert in "Dark Tide," premiering… (Wrekin Hill/Lionsgate )
March 07, 2012|By Curt Wagner | RedEye

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez fell in love while swimming with sharks on the set of "Dark Tide." Now fans can see the shark flick with Video on Demand before it hits theaters.

If you have cable or dish-TV service, you can order "Dark Tide" through the VOD service and watch it beginning Thursday. The film will be released in select theaters March 30 and on DVD April 24.

In the film, Berry plays Kate Mathieson, a shark expert once called "the shark whisperer" who is haunted by a client's fatal encounter with a Great White. Her ex-boyfriend, played by Martinez, who is now Berry's real-life boyfriend, convinces her to get back in the water for a job she can't refuse: A thrill-seeking millionaire wants her to lead a dangerous shark dive--outside the cage and at the world's deadliest feeding ground: Shark Alley.

"Dark Tide" is directed by "Blue Crush" director John Stockwell and was filmed in South Africa.

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