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'Addiction' stars: Where are they now?

March 06, 2012|By Tracy Swartz, RedEye

As "My Strange Addiction" airs its third season, RedEye checks in with three Illinois cast members from previous seasons.

Kesha, of University Park

Addiction: Eats toilet paper

Kesha said she was recognized on the street after the show aired. "They were just asking questions like 'Do I be hungry and that's what makes me eat tissue?'" she told RedEye. Since the show, she said she's cut her constant tissue eating down to "a couple of times a week, if that."

Cyntrelle, of Chicago

Addiction: Compulsive cleaner

Instead of turning to cleaning to manage her stress, Cyntrelle took some parenting classes with the goal of bettering her temper. She now cleans her home only about three hours a day instead of eight, according to 20 West Productions.

Krista, of Rockford

Addiction: Treats teddy bears as children

Krista replaced a drug addiction with an addiction to caring for teddy bears. After the show, Krista gave away all but one of her 12 teddy bears to children, friends and charity, according to 20 West Productions. | @tracyswartz

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