Rose's rules of dancing

February 27, 2012|RedEye

Derrick Rose wasn't down with the dance moves LeBron James pulled off during player introductions for Sunday's All-Star Game in Orlando.

Rose told the Tribune after the game that James' antics were inappropriate.

"I can dance. But there's a time and place for that," Rose told Tribune Bulls reporter K.C. Johnson. "And I don't think that it was then and there."

RedEye appreciates Rose's focus and intensity, but isn't it OK to dance at the All-Star Game? If that's not the right time and place, then what is?

Here are some possibilities according to our made-up Rose's rules of dancing

>> During a film session with coach Tom Thibodeau? DEFINITELY NOT OK.

>> While partying with Patrick Kane? OK. Not that the two hang out ...

>> At any time in the United Center. NOT OK, unless it involves a Luvabull or Benny the Bull.

>> On "Dancing With the Stars"? OK

>> While signing a $260 contract with adidas. NOT OK. The 99 percent wouldn't like that.

>> After winning an NBA title. PROBABLY OK. Let's hope we find out.

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