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Don't hate, 'Appreciate'

White Sox unveil new slogan—and we unveil ours

February 22, 2012

"All in" is sooo 2011.

The revamped White Sox in 2012, appropriately, have adopted a new slogan: "Appreciate the game."

"The 'All In' thing got abused last year," reliever Matt Thornton said. "I'm glad that one is over with, and it didn't work out well, anyway. It's one of those things I can't wait to get out on the field and start playing games."

"Appreciate the game" joins "the kids can play," "good guys wear black" and "grinder rules" in the pantheon of Sox slogans.

Still, we think it could be better, so we came up with some of our own and asked our Twitter followers to send us theirs. Here they are.

"Don't strike out"

"Don't call us sellouts, just help us sell out."

"We're still better than Kansas City"

"A lost Oz"

"The South (Side) will rise again—eventually."

"Look, fireworks!"

"Your 2012 White Sox: Now seven-second-tape-delay-free." @pappalegba

"It gets better ... in 2016" @mattlinder

"Bring a designated driver, you're gonna need one" @hawknut

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