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Judge tosses out lawsuit involving Wiener's Circle taping

(Tribune file photo )
February 21, 2012|By Georgia Garvey, RedEye

A federal judge this month dismissed the lawsuit a Chicago woman filed against the Travel Channel for filming her in the Wiener's Circle in Lincoln Park.

Jennifer Zglobicki filed the class-action suit last year, saying the show "Extreme Fast Food" filmed her in the restaurant without her consent. The Travel Channel asked the judge, Charles R. Norgle, to throw the case out and said Zglobicki was essentially asking for $1 billion from the lawsuit. Lawyers for the channel also argued that Zglobicki's filming was "incidental" to the taping of the show.

The judge agreed and said that the fast-food stand, famous for berating customers and tossing out foul language, was a subject of legitimate public interest. The lawsuit was dismissed "with prejudice," meaning Zglobicki cannot refile her suit.

The case was dismissed Feb. 2 in U.S. District Court. | @gcgarvey

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