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Want to scare 'The River' star Leslie Hope? Just add water


February 21, 2012|By Curt Wagner | RedEye

I thought it was great because as wacky as it gets, there are so many little pieces of truth in it. I’ve been alone at Christmas. And people often do crazy things that they don’t even know why they’re doing it, but they can’t stop.
Yes, yes. And I don’t know about you, like you live in Chicago, but North Hollywood and L.A., no offense to North Hollywood I’m saying because I’m supposed to, but something about that area of Los Angeles where those kinds of things happen, where people meet on Christmas and have these sort of anonymous exchanges and then just go their separate ways again.

I hope that I get to do the bigger version of that kind of story, which is to say a mash-up of the bizarre and the perfectly poignant, and the absurd and the funny and the outrageous. That really appeals to my sensibility.

It’s funny. When your publicist told me that you were inappropriate all the time, I thought it was interesting because I would never guess that from your roles.
Yeah. That’s the rap. That’s not an uncommon perception of me, yeah. And I don’t know why I get those parts. I think because I’m bossy maybe. But yeah, I’m a good time once you get to know me.

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