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I want to date two baseball teams at once

February 20, 2012|By Ernest Wilkins, RedEye

Now that football's over and the Bulls are approaching the stretch run of the regular season, my mind has drifted to baseball.

Entering my 27th year as a member of White Sox Nation, I can't help but feel a little ... blah. The team doesn't really look too exciting this year, and the off-season Ozzie exodus and all that came with it was a bit too much.

So while I'm still repping for the South Siders (Find me in the Bullpen Bar on Opening Day for a free high-five.), I'd like to broaden my horizons a bit and pick another baseball team to root for this season. The issue is, I'm having a bit of trouble picking.

That's where you guys come in. E-mail or tweet me with your favorite team and why I should root for them. A few rules are in play here:

>> No team from the American League: I know nothing about the National League and wouldn't mind discovering it. Besides, I'm not trying to have to root against the Sox.

>> No Cubs: Self-explanatory.

>> No Marlins: It's still too soon for me, honestly.

Other than that? Anything goes. I'll do ample research so I can sound competent and hey, I might even buy a cap!

As always, some other stuff I'm thinking about:

>> What I've learned from the rise of Jeremy Lin: Some folks are having trouble processing that an Asian Harvard grad can light it up in the NBA. Stop being stupid. Also, if you're a halfway competent point guard,Mike D'Antoni can make you look like Isiah.

>> Does anyone else think we've seen the last of Peyton Manning?

>> Need a song for the gym? "Romantic Rights" by Death From Above 1979. You'll want to kill somebody (in a good way).

Have a great day everyone. Keep your noses clean. | @ernestwilkins

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