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Puff daddies: celeb cigar smokers

  • Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan (Getty Images file photo )
February 19, 2012|By Mick Swasko, RedEye

Here's a peek at a famous few who've been known to have their fair share of cigars.

Mike Ditka

It's no secret that Chicago's iconic Bear has a penchant for pretty much every vice known to man. But Da Coach has a particularly prominent love for the cigar. In fact, Ditka has his own line of stogies from Pacific Cigar Co., which feature his Super Bowl Ring as the wrap .


Music mogul, hip-hop king, hoops team owner and a consumer of fine cigars. Despite heavy smoking restrictions, smoking mag Cigar Aficionado says Hova has no problem lighting up in his New York City office. He's been known to smoke a Zino Platinum Crown, which sells for almost $30 a pop.

Sharon Stone

She's graced the covers of cigar magazines famously puffing away, sometimes even wearing nothing but a cigar in photographs. Many of her co-stars—Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Total Recall" and Joe Pesci in "Casino"—also have been cigar smokers.

Jack Nicholson

"The only way to break a bad habit was to replace it with a better habit," Nicholson once said, on why he quit cigarettes and replaced them with cigars. Nicholson has said it was Roman Polanski who taught him the best way to light a cigar.

Michael Jordan

Who doesn't remember the photo of His Airiness enjoying a celebratory cigar after the Repeat of the Three-Peat? Smoking isn't just for special occasions, either. MJ's been spotted puffing away on the golf course, while enjoying post-retirement parties and with other big-name sports legends. | @mickswasko

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