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Album review: fun, 'Some Nights'

February 17, 2012|Ernest Wilkins | RedEye Sound Board

***1/2 (out of 4)

Having limited exposure to previous work from Fun (an indie super-group comprising members of the Format, Anathallo and Steel Train), I showed up to the New York outfit’s sophomore full-length merely expecting some fun indie pop. Receiving stadium-ready songs like “We Are Young” (featuring Janelle Monae) and “One Foot,” both songs either currently or soon to be invading every commercial in the known universe, was a kick to the gut I didn’t mind one bit.

The title track has lush vocals from Nate Ruess and guitar play that recalls Paul Simon circa “Graceland.” The mass appeal of this album is obvious, but the group’s intents are confusing. Does Fun want to draw in a younger audience? (Autotune and synth lurk throughout the record)? Is the band trying to be the soundtrack to your next three summers? Would they settle for the “most songs on one album sung by the kids of “Glee”” crown? I can’t really say.

What I can say: This is a tightly-produced piece of ruthless, pop-chart domination ambition and out-and-out energy that more than lives up to the band name.

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